Wafer Butterfly Valves

Short Description:

Casting butterly valves

1- Casting Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Duplex,Special Materials

2- Wafer Type

3- Metal seated and Soft Seated

4- 150Lb & 900Lb

5- 2”~36”

Product Detail

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Product Description

Product description

Triple-eccentric,Double-eccentric,Centreline butterfly valve


Wafer type

Nominal diameter

NPS 2”~36”(DN50~DN900)

Operating temperature


Nominal pressure

CLASS 150~900 (PN20~PN150)


A216 WCB、WCC; A217 WC6、WC9、C5、C12、C12A、CA15; A351 CF8、CF8M、CF3、CF3M、CF8C、CN3MN、CK3MCUN、CN7M; A352 LCB、LCC;A494 CW-6MC、CU5MCuC、M35-1;A890 4A(CD3MN)、5A(CE3MN)、6A(CD3MWCuN); ASME B 148 C95800、C95500

Design standard

API 609、ASME B16.34

Structural length

ASME B16.10、GB/T 12221

Connecting end

ASME B16.5、ASME B16.47、ASME B16.25、GB/T 9113

Test standard

API 598、ISO 5208、GB/T 26480、GB/T 13927

Operation method

Handle, gearbox, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator

Application fields

Used as control and cut-off equipment for smelting, chemical engineering, sewage engineering, environmental protection system and control subsystems of water plant, power plan and steel plant.

Other remarks1

Compact structure, easy installation and disassembly, repair friendly and light weight

Other remarks2

It has a certain adjustment capability, and can be used as a control valve.

Other remarks3

With the triple-eccentric structural design, the sealing face is separated as soon as opening, so the mechanical wearing and friction between two sealing faces is eliminated during the opening and closing of butterfly plate, the operation torque is lowered, and the service life is longer.

Other remarks4

Good sealing performance of zero leakage.

Other remarks5

Wide range of application - triple-eccentric metallic sealing butterfly valves have a wide range of temperature, pressure and diameter.

The structure of double offset rubber seal

1- The soft seal design of the double offset rubber sealed butterfly valve gives it zero leakage performance.

2- The double offset rubber sealed butterfly valve can get the disc detached from the seat quickly when the valve is opened,greatly eliminating the unnecessary over-extrusion and scraping between the disc and the seat,reducing the opening resistance torque as well as the wear,and increasing the seat life.

3- The seat design of the double offset rubber sealed butterfly valve adopts differenct non-metallic materials according to different customers to meet different working conditions.

4- The external blow-out proof stem of the double offset rubber sealed butterfly valve is safe and reliable.

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